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Cleaning Wool

If you have a wool rug in your home you may find yourself in a complicated position when it comes to cleaning it. If you have every owned a wool sweater you already know how difficult it is to clean wool. You can’t get wool wet so this makes cleaning complicated.

Most people opt to go to a professional dry cleaner to clean their wool sweaters and small wool rugs. This is just one way to clean the wool. You pick it up in a few days and your have a clean wool rug or sweater, it’s that easy.

If you have a large rug you want to get it cleaned without the hassle of dragging it out of your home and taking it to a professional. In fact, unless the facility has special equipment they cannot clean large wool items.

Your next option is to hire a professional to come into your home and clean your wool rug. A professional uses chemical cleaners to clean the wool rug instead of using water or steam. Most companies today use non toxic cleaners so they are safe for everything and everyone around them. Before you decide on one company you may want to do some calling around and checking on prices and products used. The cost will depend on each individual company.

If you have a spill on your wool rug try using over the counter cleaning supplies made specifically for wool rugs. Do not use water to clean your wool rug. These types of solutions are great for removing pet odors from wool rugs. Select the right product carefully. There are several on the shelves but you need to read all the details to make sure you have the right one, especially if you have children or pets in the home. Always follow directions.