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Sim Tra Gop - Buy Sim Free Installment


Our company is thrilled to publish the method of selling sim payment to all users who need to utilize beautiful sim with the really simple and flexible procedure.

What is sim pay?

The concept of installment or buy sims is often used to refer to a form of buying and selling sim cards, where, instead of having to pay "one lump", the buyer will be paid gradually every month with interest rate and time.

In fact, this type of installment is usually applied by companies or agents sim numbers for the beautiful sim of all the network operators are priced from 10 million or more. Even with the sim tranh flower, sim fourth quarter or sim new fortune like vietnamobile, gmobile or the set of lucky, genius, green ... of the network has seniority in telecommunications such as Vinaphone , Viettel, you can buy in the form of installment if it is the sim is applied this form.

Generally, the sim price, the interest rate, the installment payment and the total payment period are determined by each sim agent. Of course different agents will come up with different regulations.

And of course, after you complete the full payment, the principal and interest on the monthly basis, when the contract expires, the dealer will carry out the procedure of liquidation and handed over to the owner of the sim beautiful beauty. for you.

What will you get when you buy sim for installment?

- Instead of buying a fixed number, buying sim free, you can choose your favorite sim sims like simulators, birth sims, sims, etc ... sim tra gop without worry, worry about price. .

- Instead of borrowing money with compulsory procedures that are cumbersome and extremely complex, you have to mortgage your favorite items so you will pay back gradually to own the sim you want.

- With the money you buy, you can use it to invest in high interest rates in large projects.

Buy Sim at a reputable dealer

According to the needs of the large dealer agent grow up. But not all agents do business reputation and transparency. Accordingly, choose the right.

If you have any questions, please contact Hotline: 0888.11.3333 - 0888.12.3333 to get the best support from staff.